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Our Mission

"to inspire positive hopeful thinking through musical and artistic influences"


- A belief that God is at work, and has invited us into His work
- A willingness to help, no matter our capabilities

- A desire to mentor young people to find success in their life journey
- The belief that every human matters, regardless of their age, disability, race, gender, social status, and identity
- A belief in inclusion and breaking down barriers
- The aim to inspire and restore hope
- Leading with respect, honouring and building connections with the community
- Building unity


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Isaac Kimbowa

Instruments: Piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele

A multi-talented pianist, producer, songwriter, tutor, and music director who has been playing keyboard for over a decade. He has performed at concerts, churches, and schools across the UK.

Having taught for over a decade, he is the author of the LGMC Piano Beginners Course, which has introduced piano students as early as 3 years old. He has assisted various churches in training their members to becoming instrumentalists, allowing the church to draw from in-house talent. Since then, many of his students have progressed into graded music exams, recording sessions, music tuition and church performances.

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Executive Officer & Tutor Supervisor

Isaac Bartels

Instruments: Piano, drums, violin

Isaac studied at the University of Melbourne, graduating in a Bachelor of Music with Honours. With over 20 years of musical training, he has had extensive experience in both creating and managing musical projects. He has directed choirs, ensembles and musical theatre productions from an early age. 

Since moving to the UK, Isaac has capitalised on his experience in music theatre, both performing and writing for the medium. With a focus in music for visual media - film, theatre, video games and television - he has utilised his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to usher in a variety of new projects and events at London Gospel Music Company.


Dance Choreographer

Rochelle Weekes-Brown

Styles: Street dance, Contemporary, Afrodance

Graduating with a 1st in university, Rochelle quickly began developing her career within a dream line of work. As a dance choreographer, Rochelle is responsible for designing routines for all performances. Not only does she teach dance and work alongside our students, she uses her qualifications to assist with creating and marketing performance footage.

With a focus in developing new interpretations of existing dance movements, she works to keep audiences engaged, while providing challenging new techniques to help each performer develop the language of movement.

Combining the creativity of both teacher and student, Rochelle seeks to build something interactive and challenging for each student at LoGoMuCo.


Facilities & Tutor Assistant

Ketlin Namaganda

Instruments: Vocals, piano, and drums

Ketlin has had an amazing journey since joining LoGoMuCo in 2012. Initially learning piano, she has gone on to take up the drums and choir. A regular performer at our concerts and competitions, she soon began a permanent role at LoGoMuCo as our Facilities Assistant. As one of our employees with disability, she's been an incredible ambassador and a beacon of success, completing her work experience program in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council.

Ketlin's love for the company comes out in her collaborative skills, actively engaging with workshops, and her continued independence as an employee and a member of our community. 

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