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After School Clubs

Music Class

Looking for ways to entertain your children afterschool that is both fun and educational? Look no further than  London Gospel Music Company's after school clubs!

Guitar and ukulele lessons for beginner players are available at after school clubs. Through scales, repertoire and reading chord charts, we teach students how to master the basics of guitar.

Our most popular instrument, LoGoMuCo offers group piano lessons for after school clubs. Open to beginners of all ages, we build on the fundamentals with each lesson, incorporating scales, warm-ups, playing exercises and repertoire to ensure each student progresses confidently and steadily.

Beginner violin lessons are now available at after school clubs. Tailored for first-time players, we structure our lesson plan from the ground up (literally) - posture, playing technique, and bow hold will be the priority as we dive into a blend of gospel and secular repertoire for beginners.

Practicing Violin
Kids Dancing

Our brand-new dance course for beginners will teach you the basics of various styles. With routines in street dance, contemporary, and Afrodance, our after-school clubs have a huge range of styles to learn.

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