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Dance Workshops

In-Person lessons

*Price is per person, per lesson

**Minimum bookings are 5 lessons per reservation, unless specified otherwise on promotions 

Want to learn to dance? With LoGoMuCo's choreographers, you can!

Offering group lessons in a variety of styles, students can learn the basics of movement, while learning a series of routines together.

Styles offered:

  • Street dance

  • Contemporary

  • Afrodance

With a focus on performance and creativity, our dance workshops are a fun, affordable way to learn a brand-new skill and get fit doing it!

Sessions are 45 minutes. Warm up and cool-down sessions are included.


  • Beginner classes (4-6 years old) - £7 each

  • Junior classes (7+ years old) - £9 each

Kids Dancing
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